Doctoral Training Centre (DTC)


Doctoral Training Centre in Dependable Autonomous Systems (DPAS) - Launch Event 27/06/2018

The launch of a UK-Jiangsu Doctoral Training Centre in Dependable Autonomous Systems (DPAS) was successfully held on 27th June 2018 in the Red Mansion Conference Centreat Soochow University, Suzhou, China. The partnership currently comprises of 3 UK universities (Liverpool, York, QUB) and 3 Jiangsu Province Universities (Soochow University, Southeast University and Nanjing University of Science and Technology), but will be scalable to a larger partnership on both sides including industry in the future. This partnership will play a key role in the UK-Jiangsu 20-20 World-Class University Initiative and will act as a unique platform and catalyst to promote collaboration between the academic partners and aligned companies across national boundaries towards high level research, talent development and innovation in three priority areas identified by both the UK and Jiangsu Province –Advanced Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering and Healthcare. The University of Liverpool will lead the DPAS DTC. The DTC will facilitate a number of PhD scholarships and ECR visits between all the partners; it is viewed as one of the first examples of the new “many-to-many” relationships between the UK and Jiangsu province research organisations.

Matthew Knowles (British Council), Wang Chengbin (Jiangsu Province Department of Education), Prof Alan Marshall (UK Chair, University of Liverpool), Prof Andy Tyrrell (University of York), Prof Xiaohong Zhang (Soochow University), Prof Zhongxing Li (China Chair, Jiangsu University) and representatives from all 6 partner universities attended the event.   

Following the launch event, Soochow University organised a tour of relevant robotics industry in the technology transfer incubation science park in Suzhou, then hosted the First Dependable Autonomous Systems (DPAS) Workshop, attended by all six partners.


First DPAS Workshop, Soochow University, 06/2018


UK Delegates Visited Suzhou Science Park, 06/2018

Check out this video of robot dance performance! 

DPAS 2019


2nd DPAS Workshop Held in Southeast University 10/04/2019

The 2nd DPAS workshop, chaired by Prof Alan Marshall (UK chair), took place with more than 40 attendees in Nanjing Institute of Cyber Science and Engineering, Southeast University. Prof Brian Fulton (University of York), Dr Xin Tu and Ms Cynthia Wang (University of Liverpool) attended together with 6 PhD students (3 UK, 3 China).


UK Delegates Visited Suzhou Robotics Industry 04/2019

Professor Wiebe Van Der Hoek, Executive Pro Vice Chancellor at University of Liverpool, visited the Xiangcheng Robotics and Intelligent Equipment incubation science park, Soochow University and Huibo Robotic company in Suzhou Industry Park.


UK Delegates Visited Lab at Southeast University 04/2019

Guided by Prof Hu Aiqun (Southeast University), UK delegates visited the lab at Nanjing Institute of Cyber Science and Engineering. The delegates include Prof Alan Marshall, Prof Brian Fulton, Dr Xin Tu, 3 DPAS students from UK- Anuraag Narang and Daniel Fernandes Gomes from University of Liverpool and Jack Steers from Queens University Belfast.