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'Many-to-Many' Collaborative Partnerships

Our experience, expertise and networks attract partnerships with academic institutions both in the UK and Jiangsu. We are proud to have established many strong and longstanding partnerships. It is a unique opportunity to enhance our institutions together.

With 14 UK members, we are now seeking to work with 6 more academic institutions who share our international agenda and the same desire to deliver excellence in higher education and research collaboration. The UKJS 20+20 Consortium supports its partners to take advantage of the opportunities that working collaboratively can bring. 

To know more about us?

Why should you join us?

Apart from a raised profile, our members will be able to share academic expertise and establish mutually beneficial partnership with Jiangsu universities and industries. 

As a member, you can

  • apply for pump priming funding by submitting a ‘many to many’ research collaboration application.
  • join our visiting researchers programme by hosting visiting PhD students or ECRs funded by Jiangsu government. 
  • participate in establishing joint lab/researcher centres. 
  • take part in the doctoral training centre and related student exchange. 
  • get involved in high quality international research collaboration.
  • help identify new and follow-on funding schemes.
  • attend and contribute to our AGM, symposium and networking events in Jiangsu and UK with all cost covered (2 quota per institution).
  • attend and contribute to our quarterly UK Partner meetings in London. 


Check out what Hilary says about the consortium! 

How to join us?



1. Expertise in one or more areas- Advanced Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering or Healthcare.

2. Active in consortium activities, events and collaboration.

3. Supported by senior management.

4. UK’s top 100 universities preferred.

5. Evidence of previous collaboration in Jiangsu.

If you or your institution are interested, or have any inquiries, please fill in the application form below and contact project manager Cynthia Wang at University of Liverpool (UK secretariat). 

We do encourage early application as the last 6 spaces will be filled up quickly.